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About our company

Welcome to BUNNAYI – Pioneering Excellence in Socks Manufacturing!

Founded in 2019 by the visionary entrepreneur Harshil Patel and the dynamic Managing Director Mita Ghatala, BUNNAYI is more than just a sock manufacturer – it’s a global platform connecting cutting-edge materials and textile technologies with discerning buyers. Recognizing the lack of a strong marketplace for these evolving products, our founders envisioned a space where local manufacturers gain global visibility, and buyers discover curated, premium socks.

At BUNNAYI, we go beyond delivering exceptional products; we build lasting associations. Harnessing our global networks and manufacturing expertise, we bridge the gap between quality and consumer expectations. Our commitment to continuous improvement is fueled by invaluable feedback from our community. Join us in shaping the future of sock manufacturing – experience the perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and global connectivity with BUNNAYI. Where Socks, Style, and Substance Unite!

Know Who We Are

About our company

Welcome to aMiHa – Nurturing Every Precious Moment.

At aMiHa, we firmly believe that every child is special, and our brand is a heartfelt reflection of a mother’s desire to provide the best of both worlds for her baby. Born out of the challenges faced by a mom with a premature baby, aMiHa is a dedicated endeavor to offer practical and useful products that prioritize the health and well-being of both mother and preemie.

Understanding the unique needs of special babies, aMiHa goes beyond conventional care. Our brand focuses not only on health-conducive products but also on the often-overlooked aspects of fit, comfort, and style for premature clothing. With aMiHa, we aspire to make the journey of premie parenting a little less stressful, ensuring that every product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Say hello to aMiHa – a brand exclusively committed to the care and comfort of our littlest ones. From gentle fabrics and thoughtful designs for premature baby garments to playful and vibrant kids’ socks, perfect for every tiny step, and innovative trampoline socks designed for safety and fun – our collection is a testament to our deep understanding of nurturing and protecting young ones. Join us in a world where every stitch is crafted with love and precision, creating moments of joy and ease for our little ones. Experience the difference with aMiHa, where every detail is thoughtfully considered, and love meets craftsmanship.


Production Partners

We have associated with some of the leading manufacturers of the industry.

We have a group of eminent production partners who are involved in this
industry and having an experience of more than 10 years in a row.
They are well versed with the production process and have delivered some of the most appreciated products to various industries.

The products are made in state of art factory units and with utmost care and precautions.

meet the founders


Managing Director

Mita Ghatala

Meet Mita Ghatala, an MBA postgraduate specializing in business marketing, bringing her passion for innovative and unconventional businesses to the forefront. Having immersed herself in the socks manufacturing industry several years ago, Mita envisions catapulting the relatively unexplored knitting sector onto the global stage. This vision culminated in the creation of BUNAAYI, driven by her desire to make comfort and style universally accessible in a sustainable manner.

As the Managing Director of WEVS AND KNITS PVT LTD, Mita excels in building and maintaining trust relationships with clients, manufacturers, and stakeholders. Her responsibilities extend to overseeing the company's financial performance, investments, and product marketing. Beyond business, Mita is committed to promoting women empowerment through the platform, ensuring that her team not only adds value to the company but also enhances their lives. Standing at the forefront with expertise in marketing and industry knowledge, Mita passionately supports the production and sales teams at BUNAAYI.

Co Founder - COO

Harshil Patel

Meet Harshil Patel, the COO and Co-founder of BUNAAYI, whose journey from a conservative background with a Bachelors degree in Home Science and diplomas in Fashion and Interior Designing reflects a unique fusion of tradition and modernity. Driven by an unwavering passion for design and fashion, Harshil is on a mission to empower individuals to embrace and express their personal style, fostering a sense of comfort and confidence in what they wear.

Harshil's vision aligns with the overarching goal of BUNAAYI – to attain global recognition. Her distinctive business model is underpinned by a seamless integration of her design expertise and proficiency in production management. Beyond breaking traditional barriers, Harshil is dedicated to creating a platform where people can be inspired, ultimately translating into a collection that not only reflects fashion trends but also resonates with individuality. As the COO and Co-founder, Harshil Patel plays a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life, transforming BUNAAYI into a symbol of style, comfort, and global recognition.


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